Fazipay, a product of Infibranches, is built to aid last-mile services through an active network of agents.

Agent hierarchy management

Manage up to multiple levels of agent hierarchy easily via our channels (web or mobile). Assign/Detach POS to agents, disable agent, view agent transaction and so on..

USSD Channel

USSD channel provides agents with the option to serve customers in conditions were internet or type of phone is an issue. Agents can opt in for USSD channel to facilitate all fazipay services.


Track your commission real time from your mobile app and paid instantly when you need it without delays. Offload your commission and turn it into float to earn more.

Distribution Channel

Target your beneficiaries easily via our agent network or dynamic electronic channel. Either they are banked or unbanked, Fazipay will deliver value to them.

Downline commission management

Personalize commission charge to your downlines easily on your own terms

Transaction history

Flexible transaction record. Filter your report as your want, month, day, year, time, service provider. it's that simple.

Profile management

Roles, privilege segregation is done effectively with our profile management feature. Every user (back office or agents) gets to do only functions assigned to him. A perfect way to keep system audit trail effective.

Detailed transactions analytics

Data is crucial and we know that. Analytics provide insights to your business as well as agent network. Know which location is transacting better, for which service..etc and so on.

Largest Agent Network

Fazipay aims to aid last-mile services on behalf of financial services companies, digital goods merchants, utilities, service providers, financial institutions, card schemes, mobile payments operators, national switches, payment gateways and more through a network of agents.